PC and Internet Monitoring Spy Software

Remote Desktop Spy 5

Remote Desktop Spy 5 screenshotRemote Desktop Spy is a powerful computer surveillance program which can be used in the home, school or office to monitor and record every detail of PC and Internet activity.

The program contains several integrated tools which work together to record all programs used, keystrokes typed, web sites visited, and a screenshot logger which can take hundreds of snapshots every hour.

  • Logs the name, time and duration of every program used.
  • Records a keystroke log of what the user typed into each program.
  • Saves regular screenshot images of the users desktop.
  • Records the title and URL of every web page visited.
  • Keeps a log of all folders and files created, renamed, moved or deleted.
  • View the logs in real-time from another PC.
  • Open and close programs, web sites or documents remotely.
  • Watch a live image of the users desktop without them knowing.
  • Take control of the keyboard and mouse remotely.
  • Download and manage files remotely.
  • Log off, restart or shutdown the PC remotely.
  • Operates in total stealth - no visible windows, icons or processes.
  • Runs as a Windows service - impossible for users to disarm.
  • Free 30-day evaluation!

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Cyber Web Filter 2

Cyber Web Filter 2 screenshotCyber Web Filter is an HTTP/SOCKS proxy which can share, monitor and filter Internet access.

You can create access rules controlling what activity is allowed and which should be blocked, based on the username, time, domain name, or filename. You can also speed limit certain requests to a slower speed so that they do not congest your network. A usage counter records how much bandwidth and time each user has spent on the Internet.

  • Shares your Internet connection.
  • Records a log file of Internet activity (web sites visited).
  • Block access based on the URL, time or username.
  • Speed limit connections to prevent network congestion.
  • Restrict users bandwidth and time spent on the Internet.
  • Built-in advertisement and adult content filters.
  • Supports Active Directory and NT domain authorisation.
  • Runs as a Windows service, and settings are password-protected.
  • Free 30-day evaluation!

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Latest News

Remote Desktop Spy 5.21 fixes an issue where logs may not have recorded accurately on Windows 7 64-bit.

Cyber Web Filter 2.20 Internet filtering software resolves security issue with Windows 7 UAC.